Ace Segway celebrating

Ace Segway on the obstacle course

The Segway Experience

Our off-road Segway experience sessions are designed to teach you how to ride the Segway X2 in different arenas, developing your riding skills and testing the machines capabilities throughout. Not only will we put you through your paces, we'll also be utilising the full abilities of the amazing Segway X2 to the max, highlighting its durability as a vehicle and ensuring you develop your skillset to become a comprehensive Segway rider from novice, to off-roader and high-speed rider.

Our 2 unique zones have been designed to offer different challenges for both rider and machine alike. Our Segway instructors will remain with you throughout your session, teaching you riding techniques, ensuring your safety and making sure you have a great time!

All of our public Segway group riding sessions will run approximately 45-minutes*, and will take place throughout our different 'Segway Riding Zones'.

Ace Segway avoiding the cones

Training Zone

Your session will start off with a visit to reception to get signed in. After that you’ll watch a safety briefing video and get kitted up with a helmet and arm, elbow and knee pads. All drivers then enter the practice arena where you will be individually taught the controls of the Segway; learning to move, stop, reverse, turn, accelerate, slalom, mount and dismount.

Off-Road - Zone 2

After you have mastered the basics of your Segway in the Training Paddock, it's time to get technical and experience the Segways off-road capabilities in our specially designed Segway arena. Designed to test your new found skills, you'll have to negotiate bumps, inclines and down slopes, slalom, balance board, sea saw and master the tight turn Segway maze powering through sweeping bends whilst keeping your X2 in full control in order to conquer this challenging circuit.

High Speed Track & Timed Race

Once you've tamed the Segway X2 in the first two arenas and proved you've mastered the art of control and movement, we'll set about some healthy group competition on our high speed track. The Segways will have their speed limiters derestricted and you'll learn to control the machine at high-speed on our open arena. The final challenge of your Segway riding session will see each rider using their new found skills and speed to negotiate their way around our marked course against the clock, to see who can get the fastest time around our track! In true rally style, time is of the essence... quickest contender wins the honours, simple.

Minimum Age 12yrs - Max Weight 18 stone