About Ace Karting


Believe it or not, Ace Karting was set up on the back of a fire on our farm! But we decided to seize it as an opportunity to diversify the use of our expansive farm buildings. So, as we are karting fans ourselves, and we were suddenly presented with a huge blank canvas to build upon, we decided to build an indoor race track!

Instead of setting our karting business up on the same business model as others, we decided to make things a little different here. The first thing you will notice is how very friendly the whole set-up is – it’s a family run business so it’s not all about grit and speed with us, it’s about providing a friendly caring environment for everyone to enjoy. Yes it’s still important for drivers to have a place to let rip, but it’s also about having a place for young children to have the opportunity to potter around in a speed restricted kart, safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any speed freaks whizzing past. So with that in mind, we are as happy to book the track out to small families as we are to large corporate groups, and never at the same time.

So whether you are looking for a ten minute booking for two people or a full day for your corporate event, along with food and trophies, we can tailor your booking to suit you.

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